Electric Steam Sterilizer

Electric Steam Sterilizer

The safest & easiest way to sterilize baby & nursery products.
Kills all household bacteria and is BPA Free

Instead of spending hours behind the sink and cleaning bottles, you can easily sterilize bottles, bottle nipples and other baby & nursery products using our special Electric Steam Sterilizer. This product allows disinfecting baby bottles quickly and comfortably.

The device is designed to sterilize several bottles and bottle niplles at the same time. The unique technology does not require any effort, just fill the device with water and press the button. The sterilizer will alert when cleaning and disinfection is completed – and the bottles are sanitized!

A built-in display will indicate each stage of the disinfection process and the safety mechanism will protect against overheating.

The sterilizing process is safe, fully-controlled and fast – keeps your baby healthy

  • BPA Free
  • Effectively kills all household bacteria & germs
  • Holds up to 6 bottles
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of baby bottles
  • Sterilization process is controlled by the digital display, indicating the sterilization stages
  • Steilizes bottles, nipples and other baby & nursery products
  • The complete sterilization process is safe, efficient and takes only 8 minutes
  • Keeps the sterilized products desinfected for long time
  • Supplied with special plastic forceps for your safety and convenience

What our customers have to say

I wanted to thank you for such a great product. Previously, I had a microwave sterilizer - nothing to compare with!!!!! Now all the bottles are clean, in just 8 minutes. They are really clean and it is a great feeling to know that it sterilizes and kills the bacteria

Happy I got this product - pleasure to clean the bottles!  

As someone who cleans and disinfects all my baby's products, I must admit that this device makes my life easier and reassures me that my baby is eating from a clean and germ-free bottles.  

A wonderful device, genious invention! We enjoy using it and all the bottles come out shining!!! And most important - sterile !!

Excellent device, every step of the sterilization process can be seen on the display. I finally stopped spending hours in the kitchen cleaning my baby’s bottles.