EasyClean brush

EasyClean Baby Bottle Brush


Keeping bottles clean is vital for babies’ health and hygiene. Due to their shape, bottles can be difficult for parents to clean thoroughly without causing scratches, especially in hard to reach areas, such as corners of the base and the nipple.

With the EasyClean brush, bottle and nipple cleaning is safe and easy

  • BPA Free
  • Food-Grade Materials
  • Makes bottles last longer and safer
  • Unique textured rubber bristles ensure scratch-free cleaning
  • Convenient long handle ensures a thorough and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for all baby bottle types and sizes
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The brush features a special nipple cleaner, designed for all types and sizes of bottle nipples
  • Unique design that keeps the brush clean at all times
  • Bottles are thoroughly cleaned even in hard to reach areas
  • The rubber bristles do not store bacteria or dirt
  • Completely dishwasher safe

What our customers have to say

Use the brush for my 4 months old bottles that our previous brush seemed to leave formula residue behind...with this brush nothing is left behind without as much scrubbing.

Works great, and I like the rubber bristles so I know it won't scratch the bottles. It's also long so I can clean them more effectively.

This product is genius. All the other bottle brushes I have used last max of like 3-4 months as the foam crumbles and disappears. I love that this is made out of rubber. Its possibly the last bottle brush I have to buy.

This bottle brush is great; fits easily inside bottles and cleans 360 degrees, can be washed in the dishwasher and was a great value/reasonable price.

I like that’s its not your typical baby bottle brush. I am not a fan of the old school brush because garbage can get caught in between the crevices of the brush but with this one. No garbage. It cleans well & I love the soft silicone bristles it has.

Cleans like a dream!! Very good idea to use silicone it cleans things very smoothly. I had a very dirty old crusted bottle that got perfect clean easily.

Great seller, Great product. I did not buy this to wash baby bottles, I bought this to clean out jars and other dishes. Works awesome!

Great product! Easy to clean and nothing can get stuck in it because it doesn’t have the traditional bristles. The handle end has an effective nipple cleaner as well.

This is great bottle brush! My daughter in law had one and it worked so well I bought 3 and had them sent to my other kids who have babies.

I love this product. Others fell apart. This one makes bottle washing somewhat enjoyable.