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Australia - August 2011:

"My name is Melissa and I have a 5-½ year old son.
During the night one night when my son was 3 weeks old, the Babysense alarm went off I quickly hopped up and checked him, he wasn't breathing. I shouted on my Husband and after all of our efforts and what seemed to be forever, we eventually got him breathing again. We rushed him into our local Hospital. After 5 days and a lot of tests they discovered he had sleep apnoea that sometimes causes him to stop breathing for any length of time while sleeping.
Because of that, my son was on a hospital monitor for 2 years that monitored his breathing while he slept and alarmed us if he stopped breathing for a certain length of time.
We strongly believe that if it wasn't for the alarm of the Babysense Monitor going off that night, our son wouldn't be here with us today.

To us, the Babysense monitor is worth its weight in GOLD!!"

USA - January 2011 Highly Recommended:

I have never had one false alarm (thank God ...that would give us a heart attack!) in 4 months! Only time it's gone off is when I've tested it OR when it's been like 3am, and I take my son out of the crib and forget to turn off the monitor first!! (And then it works like it's supposed to!! It doesn't sense movement in the crib, so it ALARMS! I actually had to stick a post-it note on the crib to remind myself for a while to turn the alarm off first at night when I'm half-asleep!)
I tested the sensor often in the early definitely works as promised. 20 seconds after we take the baby out of the crib (hence, no movement), and WHAMMO - alarm! But even the LIGHTEST of movements (it's uncannily sensitive!)...such as a baby breathing... is sensed (which is visually communicated to you by the sensor, with a little flash of green light that goes about every 15 seconds or so when movement is sensed). The above "light" feature is also very nice to have --- I can poke my head into my 4 month old son's dark room, and see the light flash, and have full confidence he's OK!
I'd also note this sensor is FAR superior to the competing movement sensor, which my brother had (and frequently false alarmed when the baby moved off the actual area of the sensor)...I am so impressed with it. Again, we've NEVER had a false alarm, even when my son wiggles all the way down to the complete opposite end of the crib, and on the side of the crib!
Also, note, the Hi Sense gives you a SECOND sensor pad for under the mattress when baby moves around more...(and I suppose it can provide greater coverage), but I placed the first sensor about 12 inches from the top of the crib in the center...and again, even when my son has scooted all the way to the bottom (he's a rolling stone!) the sensor has still sensed his movements (i.e., breathing).

This device is Just fantastic - it is also incredibly easy to use. Just pop in the batteries, hit the button, etc. The competing sensor has these wacky monitors with various displays, etc., etc. No thanks. This is simplicity. The alarm is could not miss it from anywhere in your house. While this product may not truly prevent SIDS, it would certainly alarm 20 seconds after your baby stops all movement (I hope it never happens to anyone reading this).
If you are just a tad paranoid, and want as much peace of mind as you can get in this type of device, get this in conjunction with an audio baby monitor.

USA - January 2010 - The single most important item to purchase for a new Baby!

This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT #1 item to purchase for your baby or as a gift. I have had this monitor in constant operation for over 3 years. I purchased this myself when my son was born and have been using it every night and nap time and he is now 39 months old. Call me a nervous nellie but it has given me peace of mind so I can sleep and know that he is still monitored. I still use it daily out of habit. I LOVE this monitor! We have had very few false alarms because we know where he sleeps in the crib mostly and have positioned the two pads accordingly. So you may have to move them around in the beginning for proper positioning. It did alert us once when he was about 8 months old and had a cold and apparently had shallow breathing and when we ran in to check him and picked him up he gasped for breath. That is why I have still used it to this day and am especially happy to have it in operation when he has a cold. Batteries last long in this monitor as well. If you are contemplating purchasing this JUST DO IT! It is worth every single penny plus more for peace of mind and for your babies safety. I have had No problems with this monitor at all and will miss using it when my son moves into his big boy bed soon. I cannot imagine having a baby and not having this monitor! Of all the hundreds of items I purchased and received as gifts for my baby this is the ONLY one I would not have done without.

USA - April 2010 - It is absolutely great product!

I've bought this product for my baby (first child). Couple nights ago the alarm went off, I ran to the crib and my baby didn't moved at wall... I picked him up and he started to breathe normally. I can think what would happen if I didn't have this on his crib... he's two months old. I took the time to write a review, so other parents would consider to buy a movement sensor. Even if it happens a false alarm once in while, which it hasn't so far, it's ok for me. I think it's better be safe then sorry! Great product!

USA - October 2009 - Can save a baby's life:

"My daughter stopped breathing when she was 5 weeks old, while we were holding her one evening. They were unable to find anything wrong with her after a series of tests and inpatient hospital stays. We never got an answer; they thought it would never happen again. Needless to say, we bought this monitor immediately after. We have been using it ever since and she is 9 months old. We have never had a false alarm. We know it works, because when we would pick her up and forget to turn it off, the alarm would sound. This has given us the peace of mind that we need to take care of her and ourselves.

She has not had any health issues until she turned 9 months. The alarm went off at 3am. We rushed into her room to find her not breathing. We were able to get her breathing again. Again, after a series of tests, they still do not understand what is causing her not to breathe. She is now being monitored by Children's Hospital at home. Had it not been for this alarm, we would have had no other way of knowing she was not breathing. Many of my friends told me that I should have bought a video monitor - however, you have to be awake staring at the monitor to see anything. Even then, I would never have been able to see whether she was breathing. This monitor woke us up to tell us there was something wrong. (We use this with an audio monitor so that we can hear it go off anywhere in the house.)
I realize that this is an additional cost when you are already purchasing so many other items; however, I would highly recommend purchasing this product versus the pretty outfits or cute toys you are so tempted to buy! This alarm truly does give you the ability to relax a bit at night, knowing that you do not need to check on your baby every 5 seconds."
Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

USA - December 2009 - Saved my son's life:

I purchased this monitor while expecting my third child. I had always been very worried about SIDS when my other two boys were babies, so I thought I would gain nothing but peace of mind when I made this purchase. It definitely accomplished that - I was able to sleep well from the moment I started putting the baby in the bassinet next to my bed knowing that the alarm would sound if he stopped moving. We never had a false alarm for the entire 5 months he was in the bassinet, so I felt just as comfortable putting him in his crib when the time came. Unfortunately about 2 weeks after we put him into his crib the alarm sounded. I ran in there and he was to the side of the crib completely awake. I thought at that point we had had our first false alarm, so I put him to sleep and put him back in the crib thinking nothing of it. A few days later, we had another alarm sounding in the middle of the night. I ran in there, and he wasn't breathing at all, even after I picked him up. I had to vigorously stimulate him to get him to breathe. Over the next month or so we discovered that his sleep apnea was caused by a silent reflux, and he is now stablilized after several months of prevacid and zantac and apnea monitoring (with multiple alarms sounding for extreme drop in heartrate). The pediatrician even has expressed his gratitude for this monitor - he even said to me that usually with babies under 6 months you only have the one apnea episode before you get a SIDS diagnosis. Needless to say, I am eternally grateful for this monitor that I solely purchased to calm my neurotic tendencies, because without it it is quite possible I wouldn't have my adorable sweet 10 month old boy around today. I am still using it now that the apnea monitor had to be returned and I still sleep well knowing it was what originally saved my son's life.

USA - August 2007 - Good Night's Sleep:

We are so thankful to have this product to watch over our baby at night. With this being our first baby, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could do to prevent SIDS. Knowing that an alarm will be sounded if she stops breathing allows us to sleep better. We did look into the other crib monitoring products out there, but found this one to have the best features, and the longest track record all over the world. We highly recommend this movement monitor!!

USA - January 2006:

"Dear Babysense,
I wanted to THANK YOU so much for making this monitor.  Last evening at 11:33 pm while my 13 week old son was sleeping, the alarm went off (I was sleeping in the room in a regular bed and my son was in his crib as usual).  The picture is this morning as I am typing my letter to you!

I jumped up and shook him twice and said his name twice, he didn't react like he normally would by being startled.  I picked him up and patted him firmly on the back just to make sure he was breathing.  He was ok, but I wonder how long it truly was that he was having a breathing problem. NOTE:  He turns onto his belly at night (as normal babies do) and is a healthy boy at 15 lbs with no problems at birth.  He also has a slight sinus cold where he is congested slightly and that may have been part of the reason why, but nonetheless, he wasn't breathing right and the alarm did go off!
I can tell you that I NEVER thought I would hear that alarm, but now that I have, I am emailing all the new mom's I know (and I know about 7) to tell them they HAVE to purchase this "just in case". Better an alarm that goes off and the result is a good outcome, than the latter.

THANK YOU again, this may have saved my son's life last night, and we will never know for sure, but its a good thing I have the monitor and to not worry about not having it!

A very happy mom to have my beautiful son today!"

Australia - March 2003:

"Hi.  My name is Lisa.  We purchased one of your sensor units for our little daughter when she was born.  We wish to thank you for your wonderful product as the machine saved our baby's life. 
2.45am Monday morning 3 March, 2003 the alarm sounded in Nakita's bedroom.  We responded and found her blue and not breathing.  As soon as I picked her up she started breathing again.  All I could think of was what if we didn't have the sensor.
We have encouraged our friends and family to purchase a babysense monitor and Thank you once again".

The Netherlands - April 2003:

"Our daughter was born on February 27, 2003, the delivery went very smooth and our daughter had an Apgar score of 9 and 10.
On March 5, 2003 in the evening at 23.00 hours we had given our daughter the bottle and was still lying with us, having fallen asleep. Suddenly in her sleep she became completely flaccid, her face coloured blue and her breathing had stopped. Because we happily were not asleep ourselves at that moment, but watching her, we could react quickly. We lifted her, shook her and blew in her face.
Luckily her breathing started again and the blue colour in her face disappeared.
All looked normal again. We then contacted our doctor who found it necessary that our daughter be admitted to the hospital for observation.
In the hospital all sorts of examinations were done such as : blood, heart and lungs. She  was also connected to a monitor. The results of all examinations were happily all positive. After 48 hours of observation (if  no problems occur) our daughter would be allowed to return home. Unfortunately after 43 hours things went wrong again, but while still connected to the monitor, the nursing personnel could act immediately to revive her without  serious consequences. After another 7 days observation in the hospital all went OK and on March 15, 2003 we were allowed to take our daughter back home. We asked the hospital about extra protection at home, but they indicated "that that was not a necessity".
As the cause of the respiratory problems had not been discovered, we were very afraid and the thought that our daughter was sleeping without any form of protection scared us very much. ( It was expected that one of the parents would not sleep at all for at least half a year)  Vis a vis we learned about the Babysense device. We immediately bought the Babysense, and have used the unit now for almost two months. Happily we have not had a single alarm so far. This means that things go well with our daughter.  Babysense also has not given any false alarm either. Since buying the Babysense unit we can sleep quiet and relaxed. Obviously we take all normal precautions to let the baby sleep the safest possible way, but  Babysense has given us an ultimate safe feeling.

Greetings from a parents couple whose mind has been set at rest.

New Zeland - June 2003:

"Well guys, our sids monitor went off this weekend, and it was no false alarm! My son is fine, thanks to the Babysense monitor – but the event could very well have had a very sad ending. This is what happened. 
Just six weeks old, and my son was not breathing. I picked him up, still yelling. He was not moving or responding. I patted his back quite vigorously, and suddenly his body stiffened and he gave a gasp. Then he was breathing again. I was stunned. We had been in a deep sleep after a very trying night, when I heard the Babysense SIDS  monitor alarm beeping. My sleepy brain could not figure out what it was, but I was up and running to my son’s cot before I was even awake. What actually woke me was me yelling his name as I raced to his cot. He was a little blue in the face, and a bit fussy afterwards, but otherwise is fine.
We had taken all the recommended precautions with our son. He had been lying in the recommended “safe” position - on his back with his head to the one side. His face and shoulders were clear of any bedding or other obstructions. He has always been in a smokefree environment. He has been a healthy baby (other than having colic) and has never had respiratory difficulties. We were so soundly asleep, that we would never have woken, if it had not been for the alarm. We are in no doubt that the alarm saved his life. Of course there is a chance that he would have started breathing again on his own, but we have thanked God countless times that we did not have to find out whether or not he would have revived himself.

The Babysense has never given us a false alarm, and we would highly recommend it to all parents of little babies".